Technology & Security

There are numerous aspects of The Mayfair where what lies within the walls is what makes the property truly special, and the home technology package is just such an aspect.
Simply put, The Mayfair is a technological marvel. From lighting, to security, to remote monitoring, to audio/video distribution; the home features a core of technology rivaling any property on earth.
The goal was to strike a balance between enjoying the contemporary classic feel of the home and providing the best technology has to offer. The expectations were high: afford the family the utmost in safety, peace-of-mind and ease of use while delivering the peak in flexibility, functionality, reliability and performance.
Once again, the entire scope of this complex mandate has been met and exceeded. The Crestron Sonnex audio distribution system and open-concept theatre deliver the ultimate in entertainment. The lighting system creates unique settings and moods across the property through 210+ lighting loads. And the state-of-the-art security system allows the owners to monitor 72 different zones from anywhere in the world.
The installation, fit and finish of the technology is of the highest precision and is the result of complex collaboration between the interior designer, the millwork designer, the builder and the technology team. Speakers are concealed behind custom fabric solutions, subwoofers are buried underground outdoors, and control panels have been custom painted for a seamless integration.
Not only does the suite of technology in this home integrate seamlessly with the classic design aesthetic, the ability to monitor the home from abroad offers lasting peace-of-mind. No matter where you are, you are always assured that The Mayfair is safe and sound.

Lighting Systems

Lighting is one of the many state of the art features of The Mayfair. The PAC2 Crestron system controls 210+ indoor and outdoor lighting loads using 4 different CAEN enclosure locations throughout the property. Numerous lighting “scenes” have been programmed into the system, and residents can add or alter scenes as tastes and circumstances change. The flexibility of the system assures that The Mayfair always presents itself in the best possible light.

Audio/Video Systems

If music is truly the sound of life, then life at The Mayfair is one of complete bliss. The Crestron Sonnex audio system distributes music from 19 sources throughout the property’s 13 audio zones, including two 5.1 surround sound zones and an extensive 70V outdoor system that embraces the outdoor kitchen, dining area, pool and tub. Subwoofers have also been installed throughout the property to optimize the audio experience, whether just for the owner or a party of 150!
The ability to deliver the highest quality video exists for now and for the future. From 8 video sources including cable boxes, Apple TV and security cameras; the Crestron Digital Media system distributes to 7 active video zones now, with capability for 9 additional zones in the future.

Home Theatre

The open concept theatre is a marvel to behold. The goal was for the theatre to integrate within the large, multi-use games room, while delivering exceptional sound and visuals, even while the lights are on—no easy task. Through a custom installation that includes the audio and video hardware, a 120” screen, a Panamorph Cinescope lens, custom Bay Audio twin subwoofer speaker system, and spectacular amplification; the theatre showcases wide contrast, deep blacks, pure colours and the thrilling sound needed to deliver state of the art entertainment.

Security Systems

Safety and security of family and property at The Mayfair is paramount. Advanced commercial-grade systems have been installed to monitor and manage 72 security zones with 14 cameras and 3 access control stations. The system uses a dedicated processor for fast reliable coverage, and the property can be monitored from anywhere in the world. The “vacation” function sets the alarm and manages lighting to optimize security, one of many other features to ensure your family will be safe at The Mayfair.

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