Entertaining at The Mayfair

Entertainment With Style!

Whether celebrating a summer birthday, gathering for a business dinner, throwing an impromptu pool party, or hosting a formal engagement with 150 people; The Mayfair will delight and entertain your guests.
Anchored by the impressive brickwork of the wood-fired pizza oven, the outdoor kitchen shines in the west coast sun. Your guests will rave about the authentic Pizza Napoletana, “Delizioso!”, while steaks and veggie kabobs are grilled to perfection on the precision built Twin Eagles 36” barbecue.
As the sun begins to set, step through the French doors to the formal living room, where modern elegance takes hold. Admire the artwork, enjoy a cocktail, find the path to “Checkmate!”, and bask in the glow of the Indiana limestone fireplace.
The magnificent wine cellar satisfies sommeliers and connoisseurs alike, curating hundreds of vintages at the appropriate humidity and temperature levels. The artisans spared no detail, from the arched mosaic ceiling to the hand-forged iron door handle inspired by grape vines.

“This home was built for entertaining.” – Terry Doyle, Interior Designer

With wine selected, guests find their place at the formal dining table via an elaborate Tudor-arch. From floor to ceiling, the walnut finishes offer richness and warmth, highlighted by the spectacular art deco inspired walnut panels. Design and function unite as the gorgeous panels allow you to hang, rearrange and change artwork without ever damaging the walls. Topping off the space is the crystal cube chandelier that dances overheard during dinner.
The Mayfair brings entertainment to life.

“Whether for intimate family gatherings, or formal engagements, The Mayfair brings entertaining to life”

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