Classical Tudor architecture defines The Mayfair. art deco touches and contemporary elements interact with nature to distinguish the residence. The architect has created the ultimate in modern living, while also honoring the history of the original home.
This tribute starts with The Mayfair’s footprint, which remains exactly as per the original home, and the fundamental Tudor aspects have been retained where possible. Though it was originally built in 1928, this is a “new home, stem to stern” in the words of its acclaimed architect, Stefan Wiedemann. The original home was raised in order for a new, deeper foundation to be poured, allowing for a generous increase in ceiling height and usable space in the lower level.
The handsome Tudor architecture now extends beyond the frame of the home to both the northern and eastern porte-cochères, and then on to the intimately covered lounge on the western side – within view of the pool and spa. Reaching across the property, Tudor aspects also inspire the poolside cabana, the 3-car garage – even the kids’ playhouse!
Key architectural ingredients are clearly visible when approaching the front door, including the Tudor arch, the exquisite leaded windows, the Indiana limestone quoining, the wood beams, the impressive brickwork, and the travertine and natural stone of the walkway. These elements continue their influence throughout the estate, inside and out, creating unmatched architectural cohesiveness.

The Tudor Arches

The classic Tudor arch is at the core of the architectural design of this home. The arch appears in doors, room entrances, short entry hallways, ceilings, bathrooms, fireplaces, and pocket doors. The Tudor arch is executed in walnut millwork, Indiana limestone, beamed and paneled ceilings – even a Brian Baxter stained glass work of art. This classic architectural element defines the property and creates a distinct character throughout the home.

Leaded Windows:

The leaded windows reflect the architectural attention to detail at The Mayfair. The goal was to create windows which not only provided the security and energy efficiency required, but also delivered the unique charm of the original single pane leaded windows. These goals have been achieved, starting at the front entrance and carrying on throughout the home by a custom design executed by the region’s premier manufacturers.

Indiana Limestone:

Indiana limestone is a core element in the architecture of this home. It is used extensively and tastefully throughout The Mayfair for baseboards, flooring, quoining, fireplace mantels and Tudor archways.


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